At RW services we are aware how technological advances continue to transform the way we work, as well as the environment we work in. As a result, we are acutely aware that commercial space requirements are also continually evolving. Clients need more in the way of high levels of connectivity, so they can adopt a more mobile or virtual way of working. In addition, there is greater demand for the international exchange of information, ease of access and not forgetting to ensure a high standard of energy efficiency. All of these aspects mean there is greater necessity for a more innovative, flexible approach in creating office space to suit all requirements.

We have become increasingly aware that both clients and their employees expect business developments to be sympathetic to the surrounding community. That is why we are committed to working with you to ensure your project is not only delivered on time and in budget but also, by using the latest innovative techniques, is in keeping with the surrounding environment.


RW Service puts the unique industrial construction needs of clients at the heart of everything we do. More importantly, we have a consistent track record of client satisfaction for first-time as well as repeat clients, no matter what the size or complexity of their project.

We strive to provide the highest quality of services to create new plans all of our projects, taking them right through the process to phased construction and handover. We are skilled at converting assets that have low-value into modern high-value space.

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With an ever-increasing population the UK is experiencing a record shortage of homes. We are committed to working alongside developers and local authorities to find innovative, cost effective solutions for this burgeoning demand.

We have the skills and experience to turn rundown developments and estates into modern flats and apartment blocks that people can take pride in calling home. We can also transform abandoned industrial sites into urban developments with homes and living space to accommodate the ever-increasing population.

Local Authorities

Our understanding of what is important both to our clients and the general public makes us ideally suited to undertake public-sector projects. We have a detailed knowledge of how public authorities work from both a funding and a planning perspective, partnered with our experience with the constraints and compliance issues that arise when working for public sector clients.

With design and build experience that spans nearly 40 years we are able to offer you innovative solutions with collaborative approaches to the challenges you face. We pride ourselves on customer care and are committed to providing you with the best quality service at all times.


Three main reasons to work with RW Services

High standard of customer care

Commitment to safety

Skilled and dedicated workforce

Main contractors we undertake work for:

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For more information about what civil engineering services we provide please feel free to contact us